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Throughout the pandemic and the changing rules we realized we needed to do more to reach our clients. When we launched in-home body contouring we didn’t know how popular it would be and are working hard to add more techs and services to be able to help you feel great about your body and the way that it curves! 

For now, in-home service is limited to our monthly membership service that includes a weekly Ultimate Body Sculpt plus a bonus session that you can use on any week you want to feel extra snatched!

Body Sculpting + Contouring Services

My goal is to help as many women as possible to kick start their journey towards their healthiest and happiest self.

– Crystal Berlanga


No it doesnt hurt. You hear a ringing in ears by using the ultrasonic cavitation but not unbearable. It feels like a massage and can be relaxing.

The massage combined with this procedure dissolves the fat in your body and drains through your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is solely in charge of draining harmful organisms out of your body.Its a part of the immune system which the waste products are released from the body with increased urination.

It takes 45 minutes.

Yes, I am mobile. I also take full pre-cautions during Covid-19 pandemic to ensure my safety and the safety of others.

Every body is built different. You may see results immediately after or after you have worn your waist trainer and have released the fat wastes out of your body with frequent urination.